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Boar spermatozoa cryopreservation (maxi-straws method).


Artificial insemination (AI) using frozen semen, still posseses some limitations. Fertility and prolificacy rates are quite low when frozen semen is used, compared with fresh semen. However, some progress has been achieved by using improved new technologies. One of such techniques is the freezing of semen by using the method proposed by Westendorf et al. (1975). Our trial is also based on Westendorf et al. (1975) method, tested the efficacy of freezing semen, assessing it in vitro, after thawing and dilution into 4 different solutions. These were the SD ‑ glucose ‑ sodium citrate solution (37 g of glucose; 1.25 g of sodium bicarbonate; 6 g of sodium citrate; 1.25 g of EDTA; 0.75 g of potassium chloride and 1000 ml of distilled water); the BTS – Beltsville thawing solution; the MR‑A ‑ Commercial extender for fresh semen and the ACROMAX ‑ Commercial extender for fresh semen. Semen in vitro evaluations took place at the 10th and 20th day after preservation into liquid nitrogen. Semen in vivo evaluation was carried out on 15 Alentejano breed sows artificially inseminated with thawed semen. The quality of semen decreased progressively after 30 minutes of thawing. Significant effects on semen quality were associated with thawing solutions, genotypes and months of semen collection. The % of positive pregnancies was 20% as revealed by echography at 28 days after AI.

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Boar; freezing; thawing; semen quality.

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Nunes, J.; Neno, C.; Milhano, A.; Charneca, R.; Almeida, J. (2000). Boar spermatozoa cryopreservation (Maxi‑straws method).
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