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Boar spermatozoa cryopreservation (pelets vs maxi-straws freezing).


Experiments were carried out to study the effect of two techniques of deep‑freezing sémen (P = Pellets and M = Maxi‑straws). Ejaculates were obtained from 5 Alentejano swine breed boars and 2 contrast boars (1 Duroc x LW and 1 LW). Regarding P‑method, semen drops were previously frozen (on a carbonic ice plate at, ‑76°C), before being deep‑frozen into liquid nitrogen (Paquignon et al., 1974). As far as the M‑method was concerned, it was adapted from Westendorf et al. (1975), using a programmable freezing chamber. Concerning in vitro sperm evaluation, pellets were placed directly into four different thawing solutions at 42°C (SD‑glucose‑sodium citrate solution, BTS, MR‑A, SD + BTS) and maxi‑straws were thawed for 40s in, a water bath at 40°C. After thawing was completed, semen of the later method was also diluted into the same four solutions previously mentioned. During evaluation procedures, diluted semen was maintained at 37°C. Heterospermic inseminations (fresh semen + frozen semen) were practised in 12 sows of the Alentejano swine breed. The main results obtained from our experiments shown that the percentage of spermatozoa motility was higher in method M, after thawing, at 15, 30, 45, and 60 minutes (P<0.001). Heterospermic artificial inseminations (AI) showed a strong difference, favourable to fresh semen.

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Cryopreservation; semen; AI; alentejano swine breed.

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Nunes, J.; Milhano, A.; Charneca, R.; Vila‑Viçosa, M. (2000). Boar spermatozoa cryopreservation (pelets vs maxi‑straws freezing). Options Méditerranéennes . Serie A : Séminaires Méditerranéennes, 41: 99‑103.